Zusammenarbeit mit Brasilien: sieben Projekte bekommen Geld von der EU

Im März hatte ich auf die Ausschreibung hingewiesen, mit der Brüssel europäisch-brasilianische Kulturprojekte fördern wollte. Nun sind die Ergebnisse dieses Calls veröffentlicht worden. Sieben Projekte sind es insgesamt geworden, sechs von ihnen erhalten ca. 200.000 Euro, eines bekommt 150.000 Euro. Hier die Kurzbeschreibungen der sieben Projekte:

  1. Multimedia Amazon Opera (Coordinator: Münchener Biennale/München/DE): “In a combination of theatre and technology and science, a multimedia opera set up by Brazilian and European artists, experts and cultural institutions illuminates the world of the Amazon river’s region and the endangerment of its unique resources. (…) The opera’s world premier will take place in Munich at the Munich Biennale 2010 with subsequent performances in Sao Paulo, Lisbon and Rotterdam and other Brazilian cities.”
  2. Voix des Femmes : Identité, mémoire, imaginaire (Voix de Femmes asbl/ Liège/ BE): “The project aims at enhancing the role and the position of women in different cultures through the organisation of a cycle of artistic encounters (festivals) that will start in Brazil, will continue in Italy, Belgium and in the Netherlands and will return to Brazil to conclude. One of the project’s achievements will be the organisation of the 1st Festival ‘Voix des Femmes’ in Brazil. The project intents to create a dialogue between Brazilian and European cultures through elements that belong to the traditional and popular heritage (Candamblé/ Taranta/ collection of songs). “
  3. Safe Harbour: Performing cultural dialogues across the Atlantic (Instituto Politecnico de Tomar/ Tomar/ PT): “The project selects a certain number of contexts, mainly in less advantaged areas, but also in main urban centres, which becomes the scenario for integrated activities and lasting programmes. These will merge artistic performances and installations, with archaeological heritage rescue and enhancement.”
  4. terraz : Territoires et Identités dans les mondes contemporains vus sous l’angle de la création artistique (Seconde Nature/ Aix-en- Provence/ FR): “This project aims to concentrate on the creation of a network emphasising on the artistic development and critical thinking between Brazil and Europe. Within their activities, the project wants to study the essence of new writings interlinking with technologies throughout time and territory.”
  5. BEU, Brazil Europe – A narrowed interposed ocean after 500 years (Provincia Autonoma di Trento – Assessorato alla Cultura/ Trento/ IT): “This project will be based on the Cathedral and the historical city centre of the city of Salvador de Bahia, both with studies and research and direct restoration activities. Such action will be carried out in constant cooperation with the local university in continuous future linkage with European scholars and professor in the field.”
  6. colaboraToRIO 09- 10 – European Afro Latin American Residencies Teresina Rio de Janeiro (Artsadmin/ London/ UK): “The project concerns the development of intercultural collaborative work and professional development of emerging artists in contemporary dance. Proposed by 3 European institutions with experience in Brazil, South America and Europe, it will open up possibilities for sustained activities after its conclusion, helping to maintain the exchange in many current highly discussed issues in the field of collaboration as well as in the artistic contemporary developments of this art form.”
  7. IV 99 09 : In Vitro 1999 2009 (Association Archaos/ Marseille/ FR): “Four European cultural operators, two Brazilian partners and three European circus schools come together to carry out the project. The major goal of the project are the professional integration of young circus artists; the questioning of the repertory, the writing and the dramaturgy in contemporary circus; and the mobility of works, of artists and professionals in Europe and Brazil.”

Die Projekte klingen alle vielversprechend und deshalb würde ich mir wünschen, dass man auch im Laufe ihrer Umsetzung wieder von ihnen hört.

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